Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z vs Realme Buds Wireless: 5 Features compared who wins?

Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z vs Realme Buds wireless: which one is for you?

Realme buds wireless and Oneplus bullets wireless Z both come in same price segment so which one is better? Confusion? Don’t worry we will sort it out for you.

So in this comparison, we will be comparing
1. Design
2. Battery life &Charging speed
3. Sound quality
4. Connectivity & controls
5. Price

So let’s start with 

1. Design-build

Oneplus bullet wireless Z is a neckband style earphones that come with a plastic build but of a very good quality ear tips are comfortable and wire is solid with a soft finish.

Similarly Realme  buds wireless are also plastic build neckband design with the excellent build quality and comfortable and earplugs
So there is not any noticeable difference in both earphones.
Winner: tie

2. Battery life & Charging Speed

Oneplus bullet wireless:
has huge 20hours of battery life with support for type C fast charge, you can charge these within 10minutes for 10hours playback with one plus dash charger.

Realme buds wireless:
these have a battery life of about 10-12 hours and these can not be charged as fast as the oneplus wireless, you can get 100min listen time with 10minutes charge
Winner: Oneplus bullet wireless Z

3. Sound Quality:

Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z:
these earphones has a very good sound quality with its 9.2mm sound drivers. Overall you will get a very balanced sound. It is not bass-heavy as many of us may like.

Realme buds wireless:
these offer a very good sound quality with bigger 11.2mm drivers which helps this in hiving better bass. And overall the sound is very good.
So you are getting an extra bass with Realme with a good sound signature
Winner: Realme Buds Air

4. Connectivity & controls

Oneplus bullet wireless Z:
these come with Bluetooth 5.0 so you can easily roam around your house without any connectivity issues during music or even calls.
In these earphones, you get the volume up/downplay pause and one extra feature
which is Quick Switch feature button by double pressing it, you get the connection to the second device which you paired with it (can connect to two devices and switch between them easily)
It also ha sthe low latency mode

Find out more about Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z  here

Realme Buds Wireless:
All the connectivity features like the Bluetooth 5.0 and control options are the same as the oneplus but this does not have the quick switch option.
Both has magnetic control and weight is almost the same
Winner: Oneplus Bullet wireless Z ( due to quick switch)

5. Price

Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z: these are priced at 1999rs
Realme Buds Wireless: These are priced at 1799rs

So which one should you buy?

If you want a better overall sound with heavy bass then go for Realme buds wireless or if you want a big battery with good enough sound and fast charging and option for quick switch then go for the Oneplus Bullet wireless(they offer decent bass but realme produces better heavy bass).

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Till then stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

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