OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: 10 Features you should know before buying

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z:10 Things You Must Know

In this post, we are going to talk about how OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z looks, how well is battery life, latency, sound, and price, charging speed, various colours and whether should you buy these OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z or not?
These OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z earphone was launched alongside the OnePlus 8 series. So let’s start and see how good these OnePlus wireless earphones are.

1.Build Quality

So the Build is the same as last years Oneplus bullet wireless which very well built. These are neckband style earphones so no worries of loosing out. You get buttons for Quick Switch, volume, skip tracks, phone calls, voice assistant. The earplugs are in-ear type and will fit well most of the people. 

2. Dash Charge

These OnePlus  Bullet Wireless Z earphones come with type C dash charge cable that gives 10 hours battery life in just 10 minutes. This is one of the best features that these OnePlus earphones offer.

3. Battery Life

These Earphones offers a huge battery life of 20 hours so definitely if you use it moderately then they will last you for a week easily. You can power these up real quick if have an OnePlus dash charger.

4. Quick switch

You can pair two devices with these OnePlus Z earphones such as your PC and Smartphone at the same time and can switch between them just pressing the quick switch button.

5. Low Latency Mode

These OnePlus Z earphones have low latency mode which offers 110ms latency so it will be very useful while you playing Pubg, Fortnite or Call of Duty.

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6. Connectivity

This OnePlus Z earphones offer Bluetooth 5.0 so you can put your smartphone at your desk and can vendor around and still be able to listen to the uninterrupted sound and take your calls without any issues. The range is 10 meters.

7. 9.2mm Sound Drivers:

The most important thing in earphones is sound and these OnePlus Bullet Z earphones have 9.2mm drivers that will give you a very good sound experience these are not bass-heavy earphones you will the decent amount of bass with good high’s and low’s but don’t expect them to give you thumping bass.

8. Magnetic Control

This OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z earphone comes with magnetic controls and when you stick them together, the music will stop and when you take them apart, the music will resume playing. That’s a cool feature to have.

9. IP55 Rated

This means these are sweat and water-resistant so if you work out while wearing these there won’t be any problems.

10. What is the Price for the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z?

These are priced very aggressively at 1999rs

Where to buy?

These are available at OnePlus India official website and in three colour options Black, Blue, Mint, Oat.

So should you buy these OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z Earphones?

If you are not a very bass-heavy listener then these are the best wireless earphones under 2000rs you can buy right now in India because it is offering quick charge and huge battery life that nobody else is offering
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