Sony HT IV300: Still the best home theatre?

Sony HT IV300 Long term review: All things you need to know

Looking for a home theatre? Your search might end here, In this, you will find is the HT IV 300 is the best home theatre system you can buy? What are the specs and is it value for money?
Sony is one the best when it comes to Sound System and this sony HT IV300 does full just Sony’s reputation. It is almost 3+ years old but still sounds great.
So in this, we will talk about
  • Key specification
  • Sound quality
  • Connectivity
  • Price
  • Should you buy it?

So let’s began with quick specs

  • 5.1 channel system
  • 1000w output
  • NFC support
  • Bluetooth
  • Screen mirroring
  • Dolby surround sound
  • Clear audio technology
  • S-master digital amplifier
  • Football mode
  • DTS audio
  • Bravia sync

Sound Quality of the HT IV300

1. Loudness & Clarity

If we had one word to describe the sound we will use the word “Incredible” it’s really amazing very loud and very crisp & clear.
You get the main unit with one Subwoofer and 5 mini speakers. This HT IV 300 produces a sound output of 1000w which is very very loud. In our personal experience with this home theatre, we never touched full volume. 10/10 for this

2. Bass:

Bass on this HT IV300 is thumping you can control it manually how much you want but if you are watching an action movie or horror movie and you would be amazed by this. 9/10 for this.

This HT IV300 is filled with various sound modes and features. Like the Dolby audio and the football mode which can give you in-stadium feel which we can assure you about.
It also has 4k sound, so if you connect it with a 4k TV and you streaming a 4K connect the audio quality in that is just as same as the original video.
The speakers work in perfect sync to give you an ultra-rich surround sound for perfect media consumption.
9/10 for that


For connectivity, you get NFC, Bluetooth and 2 HDMI, optical audio input and USB port.
So no compromises in terms of connectivity in this SONY HT IV300.
Connecting it to your TV, smartphone or any Bluetooth audio supported device is very easy.
7/10 for connectivity( we tell you later in the post why we cut 2 points)

Bravia Sync

This lets you control your audio and other stuff with a single remote.
Are there any problems in Sony HT- IV300?
There’s one problem if you screen mirror a lot and you power cuts in between then you might face an issue regarding connecting it again
You have to restart your home theatre to do connect again and sometimes you may have to reset the setting( it’s an easy 10-second process you will it in user Manual)
But these are rare issues that faced with our time with this sony HT IV 300 home theatre system.

What is the price of SONY HT IV300 in India?
So the price is around 21890rs on Flipkart currently and you can buy this from offline stores too.

Should you buy this SONY HT IV300?

We’ll say yes definitely you should, even though it’s 3-4 years old and doesn’t have Bluetooth5.0 but
Why you buy a home theatre system?
For sound quality, right? This still provides the best experience in the price range. Because other home theatres are not as powerful as this one.
So if are looking for a home theatre around 20000rs then this is the investment you should make.

So this was it for the SONY HT IV 300. Do follow us on Instagram @gettech_2u and on twitter @gettech2u and let us know did you bought one for yourself.
See you until next time, stay safe and help people around you.

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