jble infinity glide 510

Jbl infinity glide 510: best sounding headphone under 2000?

JBL is known for the sound and bass, so do the JBL’s subbrand Infinity which is specially designed for the Indian market and has something to offer with its Infinity glide 510? Does it offer good quality? Let’s find out:

Build quality

So to let’s start with the first thing you will see when you unboxed the device. The build of the infinity glide 510 headphones is not that good, the complete build is plastic and looks and feels wise it is cheap. But considering the price point of these headphones, you don’t have too much to complain, but still, infinity cut the corners and provided a not so good looking build. The buttons also feel a bit cheap, when you wear it for the first couple of days they will feel a bit tight but after a day or two, you feel comfortable  So if we have to mark them for the build we would rate them 6/10.

The connections

The infinity glide 510 has Bluetooth 5.0 which definitely provides a very good connection strength. But apart from the Bluetooth connection, there is no other way to connect with your smartphone or pc. There is no aux port for connecting it with an aux cable. So you just have to rely on the Bluetooth for connectivity. Making a connection is very easy unlike any other Bluetooth headset just long-press the power button for disconnecting it and bring the device into pairing mode. The connection quality is really good for the price.

infinity glide 510

The sound

Sound quality decides fate for an audio accessory, so let’s talk sound of the JBL infinity Glide 510.  At first, glance when you first paired it with your device you will not feel well, why? Because this infinity glide 510 headphones are set on bass-mode which sounds really bad to much bass on a simple track. But when switch back to simple mode, you will notice the change of sound in a good way, the sound signature is now very much improved with god bass, and most of us like the bass. The overall bass quality is really good, and if you ask us for a rating, we would give it 8/10. 

For the other sound areas like the vocals and treble, they do perform well but you will feel the bass coming in always as they are bass-heavy headsets. For the overall sound signature, we would rate it 8/10.

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Battery life 

The infinity glide 510 has the best battery life its price range, the company claims a battery life of about 72 hours. In the real world, it would be about 50 hours if you use them on a 60-80% volume. For the price, it has the best battery life in this budget.

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Media Consumption 

Infinity Glide 510 offers a really good media consumption experience. No lag while watching Netflix or any other streaming and surprisingly good experience in gaming, there is a lag as all the Bluetooth devices but this offers good latency control unlike the headphones of its price range.these are on the ear headphones so will need some days to get used to them, as they can be uncomfortable when you try to wear for a long time but with 

infinity glide 510

Call Quality

This is surprisingly good, yes you read it right it is good,. The call quality while you are sitting in your room or a quiet place is good. But if you are in a noisy environment then you will struggle to get a good call quality, because they do not provide any noise cancellation, and considering the price of the Infinity Glide 510 you can not complain. But one thing we need to appreciate JBL is for the mic quality which is really good.

The price

The price for this infinity Glide 510 is 1899rs and for this price, it offers a good value.

jble infinity glide 510

Should you buy the infinity glide 510 for 1899rs?

For the price, the infinity glide 510 offers you a good sound quality with good bass, good mic for the call quality, a great battery life, it is really good for media consumption. But there are some compromises also like, not so good build quality, no aux cable, no active cancellation.

So for the price, you get a good deal and if are looking for the best sounding headphones under 2000rs that these infinity glide 510 are a really good choice for you.

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